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Arlo Technologies es una empresa de automatización del hogar que fabrica cámaras inalámbricas y sistemas de seguridad para el hogar. Arlo es propiedad de Netgear.

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Gráfico de fallos de Arlo 03/05/2021 23:10

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  • markfriedler markfriedler (@markfriedler) reportó

    Hey @ArloSmartHome love the video doorbell but changing WiFi networks is almost impossible. The doorbell WONT scan the QRcode and there’s no work around. The support is terrible. No answer on phone. Help please

  • Opinionatedwon Miles Larsen (@Opinionatedwon) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome worst support I have ever seen. 5 open tickets no replies response or answer. Paid for overnight camera and it never came. 8 days and counting....

  • Jim5ta Jimmy Gregory (@Jim5ta) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome is your website down as I can’t log in it just shows a spinning wheel

  • TimRadtke7 tjrat25 (@TimRadtke7) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome worst system. I cannot change alert tones on a new iPhone 12. Burns through batteries. Run from this system

  • nbpatel11 Neel Patel (@nbpatel11) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome My outdoor cameras stopped working 3 months ago and have been waiting on the replacements for 2 months. Any help at all here?

  • twistdwop36 twistdwop (@twistdwop36) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome Worst customer service ever! Couldn’t understand the rep. All he did was read from a script. You need a number for billing questions

  • sm_stkt sara (@sm_stkt) reportó

    The alert video is not saved, my country was not added to the system, I bought the camera in December 2020 and so far my country has not activated, why was I not informed of this big problem before buying @ArloSmartHome @NETGEAR #Arlo #Netgear

  • sm_stkt sara (@sm_stkt) reportó

    The alert video is not saved, my country was not added to the system, I bought the camera in December 2020 and so far my country has not activated, why was I not informed of this big problem before buying @ArloSmartHome #Arlo

  • 408Cassius Cassius A Gray (@408Cassius) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome @mbmcrae @reviewed You should tell your customers to look at your "Ask the Arlo Community" section prior to purchasing any Arlo products. It's full of complaints, issues, broken features, and no support. Even if you submit a ticket, it goes nowhere. #WorstCustomerServiceAwards

  • 408Cassius Cassius A Gray (@408Cassius) reportó

    @mbmcrae Arlo customer service is trash. I have had to submit 3 tickets for the same thing, no updates from your company, a ticket lasting over 13 months, the entire duration of my subscription. @ArloSmartHome is the worst and should be seen as false advertisement at this point.

  • MrJNowlin Jesse Nowlin: New Podcast Launched! (@MrJNowlin) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome Are the Pro 4 Cameras recording to onboard storage and uploading when clips are requested or immediately uploading the footage after it is captured? We are planning about 20 of them for a property with very poor internet up in the mountains

  • acreach Andy Creach (@acreach) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome nice work. On hold for support and support disconnects...I dial back in and “I’m sorry, support is closed for today”. Terrible support

  • Jur2e Jurre van Herwijnen (@Jur2e) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome These forced popups, are the reason I've started using even network wide software/hardware anti-tracking, phoning home and ad blocker tools. It's been a **** tier experience can't wait to throw your **** in the recycling for a company that isn't like this.

  • jb_fast win + x, u, u (@jb_fast) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome goddamn you mf's and your ******* non stop popup ads in your app and on the desktop, you ******* pieces of ****, **** you

  • BrewerETC Nan Brewer (@BrewerETC) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome You have an outage in your 2 factor authentication system. Please address this immediately - we are unable to login from a laptop! NO text is sent with the code. Ongoing issue for hours.

  • celtic_byrd Celtic Byrd (@celtic_byrd) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome can you please help via dm. Arlo is not recognizing my email when I try to log in. The message I get is “no such email “ yet Arlo writes to me on that same email

  • KM64780550 K&M (@KM64780550) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome DO NOT BUY. You must have a subscription for product to work pro3 and up. The direct storage is trash. Takes forever to load and u have no idea what triggered the camera. They should offer free 3-day recording at least. DO NOT buy unless U want to pay a monthly fee.

  • l3oaussie l3oaussie (@l3oaussie) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome How many support tickets do I need to raise? I have raised 7 already, but none has fixed the problem. Smart detection is bugged. It is a long issue that needs full attention ASAP.

  • DouglasJBooth Doug Booth (@DouglasJBooth) reportó

    I did research on video doorbells before I purchased @ArloSmartHome and I am really not thrilled with it. I've put in a few support tickets because it either goes off for anything and everything OR it lets people walk around my front porch without notifying me. WTF


    @ArloSmartHome I just had the worst customer service experience of my life by calling Arlo’s tech support. Please do yourself a favor and buy any other brand!

  • RokkiMcGarrett p51mustangcaf (@RokkiMcGarrett) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome Keeps disconnecting with "Not connected to internet error msg" when I'm using my data and not on Wifi. FYI, can't be on Wifi all the time. Attempting to re log back in several times is very frustrating 😠😠 Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App no help.

  • RichardABeck Richard Beck (@RichardABeck) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome what's up with the broken @amazon echo skill? Those @ring cameras are looking pretty good these days. Just say'n.

  • BryanAKay B. Kay (@BryanAKay) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome I would like to now cancel because of an extended delay. I’m told that the order is in fulfillment and there is no flexibility on the standard cancellation policy, yet I am asked to make an exception without regard to the impact on me. Seems only fair. Please help.

  • upgradeyuh Ash (@upgradeyuh) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome I opened a case and was given instructions to go through which did not resolve. Upon updating the case several times no one has responded back again. I’m still under warranty but can’t get any help

  • bbfarmer2 Lisa Deupree (@bbfarmer2) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome help. How to subscribe using an IOS device????

  • l3oaussie l3oaussie (@l3oaussie) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome @CEOAction Strategy without actions = failure. You need to increase the effort to fix the smart detection system as your subscription bundles mislead the customers with fake promises. #EpicFailure

  • JeffWallaceWY Jeff Wallace (@JeffWallaceWY) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome @CEOAction Good for you. Now fix your buggy app and get your company profitable.

  • Jeffishish Jeff Glickman (@Jeffishish) reportó

    I submitted a support request to @ArloSmartHome on the 13th and haven't gotten any response yet. It's been three days 🙁. That's not very confidence inspiring for a system that's supposed to help protect my home.

  • EverhartZacaree Zacaree Everhart (@EverhartZacaree) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome is there a known issue with your website? Attempting to log in and as soon as I do, it logs me back out and then asks me to re-verify, but still doesn’t let me in.

  • KM64780550 K&M (@KM64780550) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome @HomeDepot Fix your direct storage problem. It’s horrible. I shouldn’t have to pay for a subscription. You tricked me and failed to identify that Pro models will not get 7-day streaming free. That info is hidden. I’m extremely upset with your business practices. DO NOT buy until they fix