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Peacock es un servicio de transmisión de video over-the-top estadounidense propiedad de NBCUniversal, una subsidiaria de Comcast. Peacock ofrece muchos programas y películas asociados con NBC, Bravo, E !, Syfy, Telemundo y USA Network, así como programas y películas producidos por Universal.

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Gráfico de fallos de Peacock 05/11/2021 13:35

mayo 11: Problemas con Peacock

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  • wheels_5tud Johann Peña (@wheels_5tud) reportó

    Let’s hope @peacockTV does a better tomorrow uploading content and I don’t miss 30 minutes of @WWETheBump like I did a couple weeks ago I hope this is not a problem this Sunday for the pay-per-view

  • pittsed_off Lan Pitts Writing At Home (@pittsed_off) reportó

    @DanhausenAD @JohnCena @peacockTV I thought of you, D, when I covered this for work this morning. Obviously, it won't have a host but man, imagine a Tales from the Crypt with reenactments of weird evil wrestling tales?

  • teaajas tejas🦋 (@teaajas) reportó

    @fallforlxvato @ddlovato @peacockTV Help😭😭

  • hz_sirius 🐻‍❄️ (@hz_sirius) reportó

    @mayssam96 @ddlovato @peacockTV she’s doing this while her BRAND new album nosedived off every chart smh. can she fix her era because the album wasn’t even bad

  • troma_queen 🦋 (@troma_queen) reportó

    @skysnasty @ddlovato @peacockTV HELP

  • theartoficarus cel ♡’s marisa (@theartoficarus) reportó

    @ddlovato @peacockTV intern tell fav to talk about palestine and what’s happening because she has a platform that she apparently uses to spread issues but here we are so please intern

  • fifteennminutes vi 🦋 (@fifteennminutes) reportó

    @ddlovato @peacockTV WTF 😭😭 ILYSM

  • lonelycapshaw flavia🦋 (@lonelycapshaw) reportó

    @fallforlxvato @ddlovato @peacockTV JSJDJSKJDKS HELP XIME

  • swiftivatic4 alexei 🦋 (@swiftivatic4) reportó

    @fallforlxvato @ddlovato @peacockTV Help

  • fifteennminutes vi 🦋 (@fifteennminutes) reportó


  • fifteennminutes vi 🦋 (@fifteennminutes) reportó


  • RatedNForNick Nick, Obviously (@RatedNForNick) reportó

    @peacockTV @JohnCena Fix your **** before airing new ****. Your Search feature is a joke, not being able to start from the beginning of a live event is a joke, not being able to REWIND is a goddamn joke. Get better or cut ties and bring back the @WWENetwork.

  • DaBlade8 DaBlade (@DaBlade8) reportó

    @peacockTV HOUSTON, we have a problem, starting WWE Total Divas all over again since changing to Peacock, and it seems like Episodes ALL episodes are jumping to the next episode maybe about 5 minutes before the episode I am watching ends, please check this out, thanks

  • BigFan0557 David (@BigFan0557) reportó

    @WWE @JohnCena @peacockTV Sounds awful.

  • TwiZZo718 🇯🇲 Say 'Uncle'! (@TwiZZo718) reportó

    @JohnCena @WWE @peacockTV That's the problem, all they know how to do is make bad ones. Even the good ones act like bad guys (ladies) most of the time

  • mrhappybw Bryan Wayne (@mrhappybw) reportó

    @peacockTV REALLY REALLY needs to step up it’s entire service.... so many issues live shows are impossible to find at times. And since they can’t be rewound you are screwed. The Forward option is horrible compared to others. Too much going on and more to come to be so bad.

  • AlvatronG G^alvatron (@AlvatronG) reportó

    @clairau111 @peacockTV @JohnCena Wwe on peacock is fine and streams way cleaner without issue, calmate

  • BartlettMitch42 Bartlett (@BartlettMitch42) reportó

    @peacockTV Fix the @WWENetwork

  • wraithfodder Elyse (@wraithfodder) reportó

    @edizzy666 Watching it on @hulu and @peacockTV HELP the ratings, especially if you watch no later than 7 days from airing. Streaming numbers count. If you watch live but aren't a Nielsen family, they don't know.

  • Jobeman Jobeman (@Jobeman) reportó

    The @peacockTV app on #ps4 runs terrible. It crashes more than any app I've ever seen on any device. And the fact that it isn't on @amazon products really bothers me after I just bought a fire stick.

  • fusery Pape R. Kutt (@fusery) reportó

    @PeacockTVCare Thanks for no help at all @peacockTV

  • misterNgan SpeciaL n00b (@misterNgan) reportó

    @MarkRedbeliever @WWE @peacockTV Don't encourage them... You know they can always do worst.

  • MarkRedbeliever M (@MarkRedbeliever) reportó

    @WWE @peacockTV Worst stipulation

  • JustShers 🌻 SHERS 🌹 (@JustShers) reportó

    @peacockTV @WWE I never in my ******* life have encountered such BULLSHIT when trying to access a show. I should NOT have this much of a ******* problem accessing Raw Talk. I NEVER had this problem with @WWENetwork. EVER. Do ******* BETTER.

  • JMalfy Malfy (@JMalfy) reportó

    @hulu so glad that the big companies are doing their own platform. Getting told lies from your phone reps and then your supervisors making others do their job just made you lose a customer & just so you know I've had no problems with my @peacockTV hopefully they do live soon

  • Leslyv13 Lesly V (@Leslyv13) reportó

    @peacockTV can yall fix the audio for #AriesSpears #HollywoodLookImSmiling

  • DrewviesMovies AMANDA PLEASE!🔥 (@DrewviesMovies) reportó

    @MichaelAusiello @VladaGelman This is gonna hurt. If only @peacockTV could give it a third and final season. So tired of always loving the shows that are in this position every upfronts 😭 quality is often not what people tune in for - they want comfort and repetition

  • JessDay19 Jess (@JessDay19) reportó

    Imma need @peacockTV to get it together. It’s bad enough you won’t work with FireTV and I have to watch on my Xbox. But it’s like you don’t even understand the concept of rewatching something- AND YOU HAVE THE OFFICE. It shouldn’t be this hard to rewatch a show.

  • LatinoSal Jay Salamanca (@LatinoSal) reportó

    @WWENetwork @ArcherOfInfamy @peacockTV "Hard work pays off, dreams do come true. Bad times don't last... But Bad Guys Do...."

  • TVasTherapy Dr. View (@TVasTherapy) reportó

    @peacockTV I was rewatching #Debris today and the very end of Ep 5 and 6 cut off and loaded the next episode before the last scene! Can you fix it? Did I break it watching it too many times?