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Kraken es una casa de intercambio de Bitcoin y otras criptomodenas con sede en USA que opera en Canada, la Unión Europea, Japón y los Estados Unidos. Es la mayor casa de cambio de bitcoins en el mundo en volumen y liquidez en euros.

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  • Economy50
    Economy5_0 (@Economy50) reportó

    @edgario_t @krakenfx i really appreciate kraken for the early crypto experience. honestly appreciate the guys. but as an experienced crypto trader now, i realize just how biased the agent problem within centraly managed institutions is. Decentralisation is really the whole point

  • edgario_t
    edgar.io (@edgario_t) reportó

    @Economy50 @krakenfx yes there was a problem for couple hours but it resolved then

  • Economy50
    Economy5_0 (@Economy50) reportó

    @edgario_t @krakenfx Whatever ...thats not it. Try to change to a currency and withddraw it. Then try to talk to support who will tell you there is NOTHING wrong. When official Kraken account talks about "issue now resolved". Something wrong right...so fishy!!!

  • edgario_t
    edgar.io (@edgario_t) reportó

    @Economy50 @krakenfx no problem for withdrawals now

  • Cryptow15308585
    Cryptowolf (@Cryptow15308585) reportó

    @krakenfx @krakensupport how long does it damn to fix the withdraw and desposits... ERROR SERVICE NOT AVALAIBLE

  • DonChristiano73
    Christian ⚡️⚡️⚡️ XRP (@DonChristiano73) reportó

    @XRPHodler3 @krakenfx Never had any problems with them

  • Eostree_io
    EOS Tree (@Eostree_io) reportó

    We’d love to help differentiate these accounts with similar or same name as exchanges to avoid these problems in the future.@gate_io @binance @krakenfx @Chaince_Group

  • handcashapp
    HandCash (@handcashapp) reportó

    @DrRoyMurphy @RexTrugo @krakenfx We did our own API so we can control this aspect dynamically from a server. It will be unstable for a while.

  • colevr
    Antonio Colella (@colevr) reportó

    @krakenfx @krakensupport despite your self-praise posts in which you say you level up your support quality, every time an issue raise, its the same odissey: 24 hours to solve a login issue. misery.

  • spiralcal
    Chris Carolan (@spiralcal) reportó

    @krakenfx appears to be down. @krakensupport Looks like it's been down for about 45 minutes

  • vires_numeris
    Sapere aude🐕 (@vires_numeris) reportó

    @BTCtradePt @krakenfx having issues too

  • tundra_tim
    Timothy J Tundra (@tundra_tim) reportó

    @Adrian_Xt @themadmedic1 @DanielKrawisz @doniali4 @The_BCH_Boys @krakenfx It is interesting to note that if one is biased towards SV the market does make it relatively painless to double down or more (position wise not dollar wise of course)

  • Jose33940434
    Joseph (@Jose33940434) reportó

    @krakensupport I am getting myself into financial problems if I don't got back my funds soon , please

  • Jose33940434
    Joseph (@Jose33940434) reportó

    @krakensupport Nothing fix yet , should be easy fix ,

  • CryptoPhillips
    Sean Crypto Phillips (@CryptoPhillips) reportó

    @abrkn @krakenfx CSW wants to shut down most of the exchanges, calling them criminal, all while vowing to destroy trading for several years! Such public relations! Much diplomacy! No wonder the exchanges prefer to work with companies that are civil and who are open for business.

  • Jose33940434
    Joseph (@Jose33940434) reportó

    @will_never_stop @krakensupport I really hope they help me , I deposited xrp and never realised I had to put some tag . Not alot but all I had ... I cannot sleep counting every hour to check if @krakenfx @krakensupport send me email fixing my problem.

  • quikflip757
    Quikflip757 (@quikflip757) reportó

    @amazon @facebook @instagram @Twitter @coinbase @BittrexExchange @krakenfx @binance etc... Universal login available. #CivicConnect $CVC #Civic

  • mackmined
    mack (@mackmined) reportó

    @krakensupport @Bweiter Status page wasn't updated until 40 mins as free outage which isn't very helpful

  • cryptatoe
    Cryptatoe🍟⚡️ (@cryptatoe) reportó

    @XRPcharts @krakenfx I'll look into it further tomorrow. I did cancel the order at some point. Either it was terrible timing on my part or something went weird if that candle is telling the truth.

  • JefferyXLiu
    Jeffery Liu 刘巡 (@JefferyXLiu) reportó

    @krakenfx the price lagger because NO ONE CAN SUBMIT ORDERS! please fix.

  • Bweiter
    Bobby Weiter (@Bweiter) reportó

    @mackmined @krakenfx Same issue here. Even the tradingview charts are not updating, so something is clearly broken.

  • SatoshiiHeavy
    SatoshiHeavy (@SatoshiiHeavy) reportó

    @krakenfx seems to be down

  • RajPate47883144
    Raj Patel (@RajPate47883144) reportó

    @krakenfx Web orders down!!

  • Charles30933003
    Charles Nelson (@Charles30933003) reportó

    @krakensupport trade.kraken still down for me

  • robots_are_here
    unbanked (@robots_are_here) reportó

    @krakenfx @DrHunterPaul @krakensupport Sorry that's your issue to deal with, not your customers and you aren't a bank, so no get out of jail free card. Not to big to fail.

  • WarrenP_LFC
    Warren [#FREEROSS] (@WarrenP_LFC) reportó

    @krakenfx @_Kevin_Pham terrible choice, kraken is ****** in the head if they think this will be a decision that pays off.

  • BitcoinSofia
    Bitcoin Sofia (@BitcoinSofia) reportó

    In essence, @krakenfx is holding a bunch of people hostage, and saying: "Don't you dare do a re-org! If I am to get hurt due to re-org, I will use these innocent people as meat shields! I am not the criminal! You are!" @krakenfx This is theft. If you do it, you go down.

  • doc_bitcoin
    doc (@doc_bitcoin) reportó

    @_Kevin_Pham @krakenfx they had no problem stealing people's open positions during their "glitches" last summer either. scumbags from the top down tbh

  • ChadAyers
    Chad Ayers (@ChadAyers) reportó

    @krakenfx when I login into kraken today it’s giving me a 404 page.

  • TheHauDegen
    valelliot (@TheHauDegen) reportó

    @krakenfx It‘s back up after server errors from 540 tp 500

  • BloodyCurious
    FJ (@BloodyCurious) reportó

    @krakenfx can't get into the exchange. Thought you guys resolved this issue...

  • CryptoMatt8
    CryptoMatt8 (@CryptoMatt8) reportó

    @krakensupport Why is Kraken down...again! At one of the most important moments in crypto history...again! You did this last year. I want free trading. Please respond with link!

  • K4M1D3L4
    kamidela (@K4M1D3L4) reportó

    @krakenfx good job. Once again down and cant log in. Well, is time to move all my funds.

  • BGarlichouse
    Bread Garlichouse (@BGarlichouse) reportó

    @krakenfx I hope you guys can handle the traffic in the next bullrun. Website is today very slow and laggy

  • EOS_Italy
    EOS Italy 🇮🇹 BPvote: eosimperabpi (@EOS_Italy) reportó


  • pBouDib
    Peter BD, PhD (@pBouDib) reportó

    @krakenfx guys, the system keeps on crashing. Would appreciate a fix 😊

  • Delkathes
    Delkathes (@Delkathes) reportó

    @krakenfx ******* fix ur website

  • Rey63752674
    Hispanic Sephardim (@Rey63752674) reportó

    @krakensupport Timeout error... Host error. Cant log in, between trades...

  • Rey63752674
    Hispanic Sephardim (@Rey63752674) reportó

    @krakensupport Gateway Time-out Error 504 Kraken is down Texas area

  • sravrannies
    derrygold (@sravrannies) reportó

    @krakenfx What's the point oh having a feckin Kraken account if I can't trade when I need t - FIX ITR

  • graham_fx
    graham_fx (@graham_fx) reportó

    @krakenfx just compare the BTC price on Kraken to other exchanges and you can see how customers are screwed. Price is dropping as long as no login is possible. When the website works again price rallys to price on other exchanges. Extremely bad

  • kosmoshere
    kosmoshere (@kosmoshere) reportó

    @krakenfx Cannot login: Cloudflare Working, Host error

  • MaThhdy
    MaThhdy (@MaThhdy) reportó

    @krakenfx @krakensupport I can't log into my account, error 502. All's good for friends

  • bitcoin_delight
    bitcoindelight (@bitcoin_delight) reportó

    @krakensupport Error 502 ... can't login :( #FeelsBadMan

  • Monkeywithphone
    Monkeyphone (@Monkeywithphone) reportó

    @krakenfx Broken

  • Misinko
    Michal Tomcany (@Misinko) reportó

    @JimmyWinMedia pls issue statement that there is no safe way to buy #BCH on #BitcoinSV chain.BSV listed on @krakenfx or @BitrexExchannge is double spend coin and they are scamming ppl right now!

  • thesheepoleon
    Nōtmy Rēalnamé (@thesheepoleon) reportó

    @Richieburnsgray @abrkn @krakenfx I think they have to cave at SOME point. Granted, I kinda hope they both melt down in this very expensive game of burnt chicken.

  • Ea31Jmp
    Mark jmp$ea31 (@Ea31Jmp) reportó

    @Johnny000641717 @krakensupport @JSB6234 Have this email issue also,support ticket is opened by online desk but i dont receive any communication about that either. Maybe need to change email but who wants to open that can of worms now. Have a great day!!!

  • CerBTC
    Cerberus (@CerBTC) reportó

    @Luwhi @krakensupport @thegreimor No, it's depositor's money. If a coin dies it is not the problem of the exchange except for customers who trusted thz vetting process of the exchange.

  • BrydeJepsen
    Thomas Bryde Jepsen (@BrydeJepsen) reportó

    @imkeshav @MSkieller @krakensupport @DavidShares @thegreimor Timeline dictates that all shitcoins is going down for good. The greedy ones get a big fat **** to suck on.

  • funzilogik
    GIOVANNI ABATI (@funzilogik) reportó

    @Carlomrtz @krakenfx Per alcuni è una malattia , non si cerca investimento, nel caso una speculazione a breve non per niente si definisce un " gioco ' .

  • Carlomrtz
    carlo martinuzzi (@Carlomrtz) reportó

    @funzilogik @krakenfx si. da come hai risposto al tweet sembrerebbe di si. gia' "giocare in borsa" e' sintomatico. io sconsiglio ai miei clienti il trading come forma di investimento.

  • BarrioFinito
    BarrioFinito (@BarrioFinito) reportó

    @krakensupport Aint got any issues no more...at least from I've seen you cleaned up your act good ...👌💪🍻

  • gunnie7
    Kamil Kukura (@gunnie7) reportó

    @mindstatex @krakenfx @Bitstamp @BitMEXdotcom Same for @CoinmateBT exchange. An engineering staff of many exchanges seems a bit slow to understand Bitcoin. They would upgrade their ABC nodes even if new version contained virus.

  • BarrioFinito
    BarrioFinito (@BarrioFinito) reportó

    A few sec before the dump @cz_binance @binance wouldnt let me execute any order.....Got logged out 3 times, my funds were "insufficient" ... funny cause @krakenfx worked fine and they the ones usually having "issues"

  • CryptoRealistic
    Crypto Realist (@CryptoRealistic) reportó

    @hitbtc @CHalexov2016 @krakenfx @bitfinex @atomicwallet @LedgerHQ @Trezor @TezoSteam @CryptoDelegate Hitbtc is a very good exchange but they have some issues like the delay on withdrawals and the very high withdrawal fees (**BCH too high**). Also, there is the lack of liquidity in many pairs but I have never face any issue with money lost.

  • dollacurrency
    Dollacurrency (@dollacurrency) reportó

    @krakenfx I wonder if this will help solve the recent problems that Bitcoin Cash has. I hope that this will be so.

  • Bavaro11
    leo perez (@Bavaro11) reportó

    @JamesGRickards @MarcHochstein with @krakenfx it taks no more then 24 hours...zero issues

  • muexxl1
    muexxl (@muexxl1) reportó

    @krakenfx I am getting a 404 when trying to login today 😵

  • HareeshSadhu
    Hareesh Sadhu (@HareeshSadhu) reportó

    @CHalexov2016 @hitbtc @krakenfx @bitfinex @atomicwallet @LedgerHQ @Trezor @TezoSteam @CryptoDelegate Whatever issue I'm seeing now a days so with this only exchange @ Hitbtc...