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GDAX es una casa de cambio de criptomonedas que ofrece a las instituciones y profesionales la capacidad de comerciar con una variedad de monedas digitales como Bitcoin, Ethereum y más en un intercambio regulado basado en los EE. UU. GDAX es propiedad y está operado por Coinbase.

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Reportes de Fallos de GDAX

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • CryptoFreedom CEO (@3NiftyProducer) reportó

    This is not the 1st time that crypto exchanges have witnessed flash crashes and spikes which have previously caused anger and refund requests from affected customers. For instance, a flash crash on GDAX in Aug 2017 saw Ether prices drop to as low as $0.1 due to a customer error

  • Dan L. Johnson (@myrnagarcia57) reportó

    @sapikocakep @KimDotcom Hmmmm, I just sent him a message, I am so tired of the slow profits i make from Binance and Gdax.

  • BullTrapper (@bulltrapper0) reportó

    @CryptoGodJohn If they never shut down gdax and perp trading (not sure if they could have with regs) whole trading landscape would be completely different.

  • Mark Adam ⚡️ (@mark_adam) reportó

    @coinbase gdax coming back because “advanced trade” is so awful?

  • Loken (@0xchigurh) reportó

    @teo_leibowitz this is what happens when you hire a bunch of ex-fb *** to growth hack ur app. It becomes a bloated pile of garbage. cbpro/gdax was infinitely more usable

  • 𝙃𝙪𝙜𝙝 (@MyNameIsHugh) reportó

    @0xdoc14 @coinbase the tether book was so **** i once had to buy bitcoin with tether to dump for fiat. fun times @coinbase. killing gdax also sucks. thanks for that. not using coinbase ultra 64 or whatever it is now.

  • makinmarkets (@makinmarkets) reportó

    @DeezeFi considering the first few exchanges relied heavily on SQL databases, good luck tracking. like no shot you can find my **** from GDAX

  • Loshan (@loshan1212) reportó

    @SatoshiHitchens @lite_hause @LynAldenContact Stop trying to rewrite history. At the time Coinbase's exchange (GDAX) added ETH (#2) and a few months later they added (#3) litecoin. They were simply expanding customer options to gain more customers.

  • Tinni (@Tinni89196318) reportó

    @BTC_Archive Im having no problems with loydds bank. Not sure about Natwest. When banks blocked me from GBP on coinbase i used Revolut too get around em. Them swop for usd or btc on GDAX=Coinbase pro now,then out to binance LOL

  • Tom Heal (@Tom_Heal) reportó

    @DogSpence @brian_armstrong It's "obscured" because they purchased the pro website from the original GDAX - basically coinbase started without market making, only purchasing via coinbase with custody. They are integrating the two - hence why pro is shutting down and they opened the market entry on CB

  • Bob Donnelly (@OriginalMrBob) reportó

    @brian_armstrong It all started after your computer glitch on December 14, 2021. I stopped counting time after spending 20 hours on email, and phone calls because it was aggravating. I had Coinbase & GDAX (Coinbase Pro), I used to refer people, but not lately. Please help.

  • christopher buchanan (@crisis_buchanan) reportó

    @B_Impossible83 Absolutely terrible idea by coinbase the interface is atrocious. This is truly bad news. What happened to the good ole days when they were gdax. It's gone downhill ever since.

  • yihwan (@yihwan) reportó

    @brian_armstrong pls fix or don't sunset gdax/pro 🙏

  • Đan Coffman 🏴🛡 (@dan_coff) reportó

    @JasonYanowitz CB Pro predated the Paradex acc by at least 2 years -- it was just called GDAX. Paradex was shut down shortly after acquisition. It isn't accurate to say it became Pro. CB picked up at least one great and really funny engineer tho.

  • James (@sometrader78) reportó

    @JasonThePleb Total **** show over there. They were so much better when they were GDAX. I have no idea what happened.

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