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GDAX es una casa de cambio de criptomonedas que ofrece a las instituciones y profesionales la capacidad de comerciar con una variedad de monedas digitales como Bitcoin, Ethereum y más en un intercambio regulado basado en los EE. UU. GDAX es propiedad y está operado por Coinbase.

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Springdale, AR 1

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Reportes de Fallos de GDAX

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • Andrew J Mendolia (@andrewjmendolia) reportó

    @majinsayan But there is a cuck on the spot market holding price down every time it gets near or above 3900. Haven’t looked at Finex but I’ve seen it on GDAX

  • The Litecoin Eagle ⚡️[Jan/3 ₿🔑Ł]⚡️ (@EagleESBD) reportó

    This would drive up the price as the flow of Bitcoin coming into Gdax will slow and Bitcoin leaving would increase.

  • XRP_Jeweler (@Mzarka3) reportó

    @KittingerLukas @haydentiff @Danrocky @kevinm098 @coinbase @CoinbasePro @XrpMr Login to to coinbase, open new tab, type GDAX or coinbase pro, click login. Credentials are the same as your coinbase account. You'll login automatically to coinbase pro.

  • damm kewl (@dammkewl) reportó

    @BitcoinErrorLog @Carsten71071425 @adam3us Might be more of a corporate structure problem where nobody relevant can feasibly take the position required for being responsible for such a technical change (i assume the issue making this difficult is architecturally related to GDAX)

  • Richard Jasmin (@frazzledjazz) reportó

    @hardlynormal @invisiblepeople yw for the concept. of course it works. CB and GDAX are recommended way- reason is- if you use a php enabled site- someone can rewrite your address to thiers by SQL injection. I dont have that problem bc jekyll outputs flat html. The entire server would have 2b hacked.

  • Skystruck Crypto (@skystruckcrypto) reportó

    My Gdax account has not let me login for almost 2 years now... wtf... @CoinbasePro help me! So many tickets...

  • Anna D (@annie_dea_) reportó

    @ExkrementKoin @CryptoSyndrome Okay, I know about Garbis. And I know that Bitfinex has withdrawal issues. Like Binance, GDAX and other exchanges, BTW. But these issues do not exclude a chance that it's kind of a 'flashmob'. It's only my assumption though, need to monitor it for some time

  • Christopher Franko 🧐 (@FrankoCurrency) reportó

    @bitcoingiraffe @coinbase Not to my knowledge. I do however believe they have mechanics in place to slow crashes on their site. One time during a huge sell of a wall of usd appeared on gdax that no one could sell into. It was literally say “error processing tax”. I could sell amobe the wall but not below.

  • Mark Rex ⚡️BTC⚡️ (@mark_rex_h) reportó

    @udiWertheimer @wasabiwallet I have sent @wasabiwallet mixed UTXOs -> @CoinbasePro (gdax) and had zero issues

  • KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reportó

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 3779.91 to 3604.9 USD by 4.63% in 10 mins at #GDAX.

  • KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reportó

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 4009.347 to 3838.95 USD by 4.25% in 10 mins at #GDAX.

  • btc_joe [LTC] (@btc_joe) reportó

    @robustus wow interesting, I would have said the same about Coinbase. I think they have been much worse. The other thing is I have had so many more problems with coinbase just pragmatically over the years. GDAX vs brokerage, more limits to withdraw, etc. Never w/ Gemini, verified, done.

  • 𝕂𝕦𝕒𝕥𝕠 (@kuato88) reportó

    @getongab @coinbase I'm closing my @coinbase account. I will no longer use Gdax for an exchange. This censorship is not to be tolerated. Bitcoin was ment for the decentralization of currency to prevent problems such as this. If they want to act like Mastercard then so be it. Plenty of exchanges wont

  • Jonathan West (@JWestJest) reportó

    @phildaian @koeppelmann Yaaa was hoping we’d go here :) I’d argue even in black swan events (like the gdax flash crash) confirmation racing deposits is too slow of a game. 💚

  • KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reportó

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 3912.654 to 3750.67 USD by 4.14% in 10 mins at #GDAX.

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