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Gráfico de fallos de 06/08/2023 15:30

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  • Login 48.78% Login
  • Website 24.39% Website
  • Plataforma de Trading 24.39% Plataforma de Trading
  • Depositos 2.44% Depositos

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KosovoPristina Plataforma de Trading
United StatesGardena Website
CanadaNorth Vancouver Website
United StatesRancho Cucamonga Plataforma de Trading
United StatesDover Login
United StatesPalm Bay Login

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  • DeanHedges3 Dean Hedges (@DeanHedges3) reportó

    @JoeP_FOREXcom @FOREXcom Never mind . Issue has been resolved

  • SherifM36288059 Sherif Mohamed (@SherifM36288059) reportó

    @Trader_F_R @FOREXcom Please I need help pay 1000 $ for gates foundation to make operation for me or I will die I can give you the number of foundation you can contact with them

  • Jamalazadi12 Jamalazadi (@Jamalazadi12) reportó

    @FOREXcom Please help me if anyone knows INGFX they do not return my money

  • Julio732004 Julio Jaramillo (@Julio732004) reportó

    @FOREXcom Worse custumer service...ever!

  • jithinjoseph26 Sebastian v Joseph (@jithinjoseph26) reportó

    @FOREXcom Stocks trading and Bitcoin Options Trading works, I started with $10,000 and my expectations was met. Even if it doesn't go along with this post I know someone needs help too, DM him @evancabral_

  • 33N8W33 N8 (@33N8W33) reportó

    @FOREXcom I agree the S&P can continue to fall. There's so much drying up; homebuilders are saying buyers are pulling out, permits are down, rates up, consumer confidence down. I think we are heading into a bear market by end of this month.

  • skywkr182 Luke.Skywkr182 (@skywkr182) reportó

    @FOREXcom Hey Why did you close my CFD US Oil order and steal my $6k with gap-up BS!! My stop loss was set for close on Friday 4th March around $114 your support claims the best option on Sunday was $127 so they closed me out. Please restore my trade balance $6K ASAP!! #NFA

  • Anthony55358286 Anthony (@Anthony55358286) reportó

    Hey @FOREXcom, how cool would it be to automate trades with @Capitalise_ai? Any way to support them? #Code_Free_Trading_Automation

  • patrick_vain Patrick vain (@patrick_vain) reportó

    @GoLowCrypto @FOREXcom oh am so sorry this happened to me once but I got it fix with the help of 👉👉👉(dvosscyberspy)👈👈👈 on Instagram he his the best for the job and trustworthy

  • TravisW03905240 Travis Wallace (@TravisW03905240) reportó

    @FOREXcom You owe it to yourself to do one random nice thing for a complete stranger. My motorcycles all got stolen last year, Two at the same time the other a couple months later. I'm wanting a a Yamaha R1So help me PLEASE 1 cent a person would even work. $hopefulfool is my cash app tag

  • Shubham31746218 Shubham Bhandari (@Shubham31746218) reportó

    @FOREXcom Just not able to understand the rational thought. Good is bad, bad is good kind of things.

  • NatashaNataliaP Natasha (Natalia) Papulova (@NatashaNataliaP) reportó desde Moriches, New York

    @FOREXcom the server is down. Is anyone working on this? Ty


    @FOREXcom I haven’t been able to log in thru the DAMN app all DAMN day smfh but was able to on my desktop what if I want home today smfh

  • jenniferastarte ♔ Jennifer ♔ (@jenniferastarte) reportó

    @FOREXcom I tried the online chat on the day and it wasn’t working. I emailed and I spoke to someone the next day who just dismissed me and told me to have a nice day. You have a serious problem and need to fix it

  • jenniferastarte ♔ Jennifer ♔ (@jenniferastarte) reportó

    @FOREXcom I’m trading blind tonight because your app keeps stalling and I can’t see the market movements! It’s been happening regularly for the last few days but tonight is the worst it’s been Please fix it asap!!

  • RowenaM08902963 Rowena Murphy (@RowenaM08902963) reportó

    @Counselor_7A @FOREXcom Sorry for that, in my own case I went through that few months back until I was introduced to a legit Forex Broker Mrs Kathy D. Taylor who made me retrieved all my lost and now I am winning big, contact her and your problem will be resolve👇👇👇👇👇 @Bitcoin_Kathy


    @forex_xauusd_ZA @FOREXcom For a trader time is important. Are you a trader? I suggest a broker which is AssetsFX. I started trading with AssetsFX, and I have opened a cent account. It only costs $10 to open a Cent account. Overall good service.

  • steveruffley Steve Ruffley (@steveruffley) reportó

    @FOREXcom Rate hikes are not going to bring NZ geographically closer to the world. Most of our inflation is external. Net exporter - with Cindy looking bad in the press, I'd say a surprise covid rate hold. These are a slippery lot.

  • EUDAX1 EUDAX (@EUDAX1) reportó

    @TradingFALiving @JoeP_FOREXcom @FOREXcom Op. i agree bad thinking!

  • Yunas82522445 Yunas (@Yunas82522445) reportó

    @JoeP_FOREXcom @FOREXcom Good how about to break down

  • SherifM36288059 Sherif Mohamed (@SherifM36288059) reportó

    @FOREXcom Please I need help pay 1000 $ for gates foundation to make operation for me or I will die I can give you the number of foundation you can contact with them

  • hodl2hodl412 ADAHodler75420 (@hodl2hodl412) reportó

    @FOREXcom Tf your website have a 500 internal server error for?

  • writerlyai_bot Answers Bot (@writerlyai_bot) reportó

    @FOREXcom 604 Huh, the unemployment rate went up and the participation rate went down. Weird!

  • jenniferastarte ♔ Jennifer ♔ (@jenniferastarte) reportó

    @FOREXcom I have more videos and I have reported it to regulators because this isn’t the first time it’s happened so you know there’s a problem somewhere but haven’t fixed it

  • InteriorsSmi King Solid (@InteriorsSmi) reportó

    @MWellerFX @FOREXcom Nigerians can't participate. This is bad 👎

  • SherifM36288059 Sherif Mohamed (@SherifM36288059) reportó

    @MWellerFX @FOREXcom Please I need help pay 1000 $ for gates foundation to make operation for me or I will die I can give you the number of foundation you can contact with them

  • jenniferastarte ♔ Jennifer ♔ (@jenniferastarte) reportó

    @FOREXcom I am losing thousands because your app is not working and I can’t check or close trades. I can’t believe this is happening

  • walsha630 shafique walusimbi (@walsha630) reportó

    @FOREXcom are your services down? Having trouble with login at online portal and trading with the mt4.

  • Jeeniuz94 Jeeniuz (@Jeeniuz94) reportó

    @FOREXcom when are you guys going to fix the ****** charts? Unbelievable.

  • adja_aminach aminach adja (@adja_aminach) reportó

    @FOREXcom Had bad sad hh