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E-Trade Financial Corporation ofrece una plataforma de comercio electrónico para negociar activos financieros que incluyen acciones comunes, acciones preferentes, contratos de futuros, fondos negociados en bolsa, opciones, fondos mutuos e inversiones de renta fija.

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Gráfico de fallos de E*Trade 07/13/2020 19:50

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  • DesMBlake18 @desmblake18 (@DesMBlake18) reportó

    @etrade I have tried that number many times and have been stuck on hold for hours. This is not a solution!

  • stockspotify Stockspotify (@stockspotify) reportó

    @beaverdaycare @etrade Mine does, thing is I loaded TOS and run at same time to see if computer was an issue, nope. Its an etrade thing.. Etrade is great if you dont need charts (theirs dont work first hour on futures) or volume (their volume data is not correct per cust service) or customer service.

  • stockfollower7 stock_follower (@stockfollower7) reportó

    @etrade @PokerTHANOS You suck!!! Tell tech support to answer the damn phone!!!!!

  • stockfollower7 stock_follower (@stockfollower7) reportó

    @chefstefanko @etrade Im having same problem. Cant login to @etrade Pro and no one is answering the damn phone!!!!!!

  • chefstefanko Jason Stefanko (@chefstefanko) reportó

    @etrade what is going on! the app is down, the website is down and no one is answering the phone. Kind of important on a trading day don't you think?

  • mboyeast alan (@mboyeast) reportó

    Hey @etrade what happened to your customer service? Is your principle now to ignore phone calls until we get fed up and hang up? Especially when electronic messaging is to call to resolve problems, phone service is still important #shamefulservice

  • pete3377 pete t (@pete3377) reportó

    @etrade On hold over 30 minutes now trying to call customer service. Then I try to chat and massive wait time. Pretty much have to use a day off to get ahold of etrade customer care apparently

  • PlanetBarth James Barth (@PlanetBarth) reportó

    @etrade trying to contact customer service-currently on hold for 25+ mins

  • 4thGear1 Lynn Meehan (@4thGear1) reportó

    @Sto_ology @etrade why it is only the poor and elderly with you guys? And the flu only hits POC? CDC report on Fri said we were out of Pandemic and barely epidemic, so next week we will have just a virus...we don't close the country down for that...How about that...

  • alex_emerson2 Alex Emerson (@alex_emerson2) reportó

    @Palvarado4god @DebTradeOptions @etrade Seriously! I thought they made their platform intuitive... 😑 I just ended up going with the physical deposit verification in my account. I can only imagine what I'll have to go through when a serious problem arises. 🤔

  • eyb34 Rich Stein (@eyb34) reportó

    @etrade?? I see your social media has the same policy of not responding as your customer phone service has?

  • eyb34 Rich Stein (@eyb34) reportó

    @etrade you guys are horrible!! How long do I have wait on customer service the last 2 days? 45 min each day with no one answering

  • VozDeEspirito Xavier (@VozDeEspirito) reportó

    @etrade Simple dont lock down due to a fear mongering totalitarian policy.

  • 501Famous Jared R McCoy (@501Famous) reportó

    The worst part of using @etrade for stocks compared to @stockpile is the fact that it takes 50 minutes on hold with E*TRADE to ever talk to someone.

  • BurtonSnow29 RosieTheREVeter (@BurtonSnow29) reportó

    @etrade i’ve successfully changed my password and your website still won’t let me login, no one is answering your phone line

  • c_allen921 CAllen (@c_allen921) reportó

    @etrade what shitty service! Called multiple times with no agent! It’s like calling @JoeBiden, they answer but nobody is home! Come on @etrade4rias

  • mysteriousinte1 mysteriousintelect (@mysteriousinte1) reportó

    @etrade Done get e trade get td They don’t care about app errors.. and customers losing. Money on errrosnon their app

  • theRUNWAYaffect Anthony Headley (@theRUNWAYaffect) reportó

    @DebTradeOptions @etrade Finally was resolved after speaking to actual intelligent human being. I wish I had a magic solve all solution. What I can tell you is that @CMEGroup got me an account quicker than I could close my E*TRADE fidelity and td ameritrade accounts

  • LucaNetz Luca netz (@LucaNetz) reportó

    @etrade On customer service hold for the last 4 hours?!!?? What’s the deal

  • JBreezyII Jerry Jr. (@JBreezyII) reportó

    @qnregi @etrade I’m having the same issues with logging in lol

  • qnregi Regina De Luca (@qnregi) reportó

    @etrade I tried to change my password at least 10 times and it still will not let me log in even though I received emails confirming the pw change. I can't get support to answer the phone. Any suggestions? Is this a known issue?

  • kavinpalani kavin kumar (@kavinpalani) reportó

    @etrade Actually, I just realized that what we really need to fill out is the W9 form for resident aliens and not W-8Ben. I just filled the W9 and submitted it online in the Forms link you just sent me. Can you help in invalidating the previous filed W-8Ben, please ?

  • stocktrader300 Sheldon Cooper (@stocktrader300) reportó

    WTF #etrade?!?! Take the restriction off of $QH!! @etrade.

  • mkarias1 TraderMK (@mkarias1) reportó

    Am I the only one who is having issues with @etrade charts using Chrome? When I click on 3 day, sometimes no chart appears. If I click on Today, it appears. If I click on 1 month, it may or may not appear. Very random but not all charts load?

  • BitcoinPiglet Crypto Pig (@BitcoinPiglet) reportó

    I can’t find any crypto stocks on my @etrade app.... am I looking at the right place to buy 1 stock of #bitcoin? Or any #DeFi help me please

  • alex_emerson2 Alex Emerson (@alex_emerson2) reportó

    @Palvarado4god @DebTradeOptions @etrade I was on hold for 2 hours and 45 minutes until I gave up. I get 11,000 second chat wait times, only to receive an error message when it's my turn. Who the heck keeps the same screen on their phone/ laptop for that long? It should not be this hard to spend money.

  • kavinpalani kavin kumar (@kavinpalani) reportó

    @etrade I need to update my wife's address in W-8ben and the phone number listed, +1 678-624-6210 for out of US member keeps hanging forever. Can you help ?

  • interestingtuff interesting stuff (@interestingtuff) reportó

    @SamHaddad @etrade TD has it locked , so not sure what the issue is..

  • SamHaddad Sammy day day (@SamHaddad) reportó

    @DWints44 @etrade @Fidelity Wtf man

  • SamHaddad Sammy day day (@SamHaddad) reportó

    @etrade why is stock symbol $chfs stock on $.69 on your platform?? Please help. I have a lot of shares and I don’t want to get stuck.