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Cryptopia is una casa de cambio de cripto-monedas con sede en Nueva Zelandia. Cryptopia también ofrece mining pools y subastas.

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Reportes de fallos e interrupciones de los últimos 15 días se originaron desde:

Lugar Reportes
Munich, Bavaria 1
Whitley Bay, England 1
Islington, England 1

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Cryptopia Comentarios

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Reportes de Fallos de Cryptopia

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • Aliena Thia (@alienathia) reportó

    And I bet they took down cryptopia due to that alt that someone was keeping selling, or they saw me monitoring it. 👌 and wanted to do that in another way.

  • Aliena Thia (@alienathia) reportó

    And I bet they took down cryptopia doing to that alt that someone was keeping selling, or they saw me monitoring it. 👌 and wanted to do that in another way.

  • DDV88 (@ddv_88) reportó

    @crypto_rasmus @Cryptopia_NZ How did you login? Did you use your cryptopia account credentials? Im getting error "incorrect email or password". Reset password doesnt work.

  • ************ (@ZamZammPapi) reportó

    @Cryptopia_NZ hi there cryptopia!!!! I’m hoping u can help... I forgot my login info. My 2fa isn’t working it’s not synced anymore. I’m based out of the US. Can you help me out?? I can provide my email account and other info if needed. Thank you!!!!!!

  • ₿laq₿eard 🌴🥃 (@lfinchMO) reportó

    @Hotbit_news Why hasn't the site comeback online? Is this a rug pull? Aka Cryptopia?

  • Mr. BalloonKnots (@hawknd0) reportó

    Oh and **** cryptopia. **** them right in the poop shoot. Not the first time “not your keys not your coin” moment for me but damn I hope it was the last.

  • Fida Hussain (@uniqideal) reportó

    @PACcoinOfficial I need some help. i bought pac coin in 2018 from cryptopia web. later transfered to Pac coin wallet at tht time which was on their web for download. i didn't use tht wallet for while and now unable to recover coins from that wallet. Can you plz advise?

  • milos_machine (@MachineMilos) reportó

    @Cryptopia_NZ Ok, I have posted a ticket to Cryptopia customer support 4 months ago and STILL NO ANSWER?

  • Payam (@abarmard7) reportó

    @GrantThorntonNZ Hello I had an account with Cryptopia which gone into liquidation Wanted to register myself on your portal but I couldn’t. Would you please help me to find an alternative way of registering myself? Thanks

  • Bitcoin Boss (@b_oltman) reportó

    @MagUraCrypto Getting 3x my tokens back from yobit support once they upgraded the chain 6 months later, selling them on december 30 2017 for a 266x on cryptopia.

  • Electroneum CzechRepublic (@ElectroneumCZSK) reportó

    The kyc by these to competitors was easy. Just selfie with ID card & make a photo of both sides ID & upload separately. But what is bigger problem is that only #ETN have AML proces so you need to have proof of where you buy your coins. Some have Rigs, cryptopia this is problem.

  • Zak Anwar 🖍️ (@Zak2nwar) reportó

    Most of the shitcoins I held in 2017 would be valued over $12 million! Only problem is, there sitting on cryptopia which no longer exists 😎

  • Circle Back TruthIsOutThere 205 IQ (@TruthsOuttThere) reportó

    @GrantThornton When are u going to return the Cryptopia funds?? U said u expect Identity verification Q1 2021, we are there soooooo whats going on??? Why dont u guys just bring the site back on for withdrawals only, it'd be wayyyyyyyyyyy easier

  • Monk (@cryptic_monk) reportó

    If the Cryptopia liquidator would give me back my coins now, I'd actually be up on that ****.

  • Aliena Thia (@alienathia) reportó

    @fbi these people spread the virus and took down other exchanges like cryptopia, jealous of that -opia aka utopia they want to sell to kill me deeeeeply.

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