Mapa de Fallos de PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds es un juego en línea multijugador masivo de supervivencia desarrollado y publicado por Bluehole Inc. para Microsoft Windows. El juego fue hecho público en Marzo 2017.

Lugares Más Afectados de PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Reportes de fallos e interrupciones de los últimos 15 días se originaron desde:

Lugar Reportes
Bogotá, Distrito Capital de Bogotá 2
Houston, TX 2
Guadalajara, JAL 2
Adelaide, SA 2
Santiago, Región Metropolitana 2
Milan, Lombardia 1
Liversedge, England 1
Iguala de la Independencia, GRO 1
Curacautín, IX Región 1
San Francisco Solano, BA 1
Poza Rica de Hidalgo, VER 1
Phoenix, AZ 1
Buenos Aires, CF 1
Baltimore, MD 1
Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid 1
Southend-on-Sea, England 1
Owatonna, MN 1
Ciudad Delicias, CHH 1
Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Catalunya 1
Kurrara, NSW 1
Matran, FR 1
Mexico City, CDMX 1
Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo 1
Bolton, England 1
Bintulu, SRW 1
Campeche, CAM 1
Sant Boi de Llobregat, Catalunya 1
Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein 1
Canberra, ACT 1
Hillsboro, KS 1
Brisbane, QLD 1
Iaşi, Judeţul Iaşi 1
Cancún, ROO 1
Belle Vernon, PA 1
Puebla, PUE 1
Soacha, Departamento de Cundinamarca 1

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Comentarios

¿Consejos? ¿Frustraciones? Compártelos aquí. Los comentarios útiles incluyen una descripción del problema, la ciudad y el código postal.

Reportes de Fallos de PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • Joel (@CullumJoel) reportó

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds Fix the AWM one shot kill. Should be head only.

  • Herber (@h3r8) reportó

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds But have you fix the ping problem if not I won’t be playing cuz 130 ping is the worst.

  • Jamie Holbrook (@Fourarmedman) reportó

    @pubattlegrounds @PlayApex Apex is broken. Character designs are flawed.

  • mona lisa (@monalisalisa90) reportó

    @pubattlegrounds unable to login to my guest account, I have messaged support for a week but no response, can someone help please !!

  • awong583 (@awong583) reportó

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds why dont you guys fix matchmaking instead

  • Exposing Frauds (@fraudhunt) reportó

    @pubattlegrounds fix your game engine, gun models shouldn't fly straight up in the air in the middle of walking up stairs or through a door. that's trash.

  • lettucecatsmeow (@101Bloke) reportó

    @BattleRoyaleMod @LIRIK @AnarchicKami pls fix

  • Doua Vang (@MrVang27) reportó

    @PUBG_Support @pubattlegrounds So laggy. I can't even play. 100+ fps and I lag super hard. Play just fine on regular PUBG

  • blake morgan (@BlakeMorgan118) reportó

    @pubattlegrounds I have Xbox One X there is a constantly a problem with adding people into the lobby we constantly have to restart the game this problem has been happening ever since the beginning of the launch will it ever be fixed no I not I just got on tweeting

  • Jesse Olivas (@dntcry_jesse) reportó

    @pubattlegrounds hey can you fix console server have to back out and in multiple times to start a game and the new map loads slow even with a Xbox one x with ssd

  • Fish4Legends (@Fish4Legends) reportó

    @pubattlegrounds fix your party have to back out to title screen after every match and resend invites then usually one of the four is un able to ready up so we start over

  • SH@YNA (@rjshaynaredfm) reportó

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @pubattlegrounds U r fantastic, so additive but the problem is u hv entered into our personal space, disappointingly my boyfriend spends more time on PUBG rather than with me.Kindly reprogram it and limit the playing time in a day. It's really frustrating.

  • Dan Bennett 🇪🇺 (@DanBennett) reportó

    In weird circumstances, @WJacky101 manages to upset some /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS people by mentioning a different game, because it may have the same issue PUBG has. Reddit is fun.

  • MrDevil191 (@MDevil191) reportó

    @PUBG_help @pubattlegrounds Server issues wont be fixed until you give us back the server selection. I am getting 400+ms pings since the vikendi map arrived because it is just matching in SEA. I live in pakistan you should give us Dubai servers. If you cant just give us Server selection.

  • Richard english (@therjenglish) reportó

    @PUBG_help @pubattlegrounds yeah thats because its still broken it just fell apart on pc!

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